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The Networking Program provides a wide range of options by offering networking at lunch time, mid-afternoon and evening. There are also several special networking events for our members to connect with their next customer.The Chamber’s award winning networking program is the best in the Greater New Castle County area. People prefer to do business with people they know. The Chamber hosts hundreds of events each year, with networking and business card exchanges being a key part of most events. Depending on the location, attendance can run from 100 to 200 individuals.

Take advantage of numerous opportunities to meet potential clients and gain exposure for your business.

Be sure to visit the Chamber's Events Calendar to plan to attend our next networking event.

/// Networking 101

Networking is an important part of building a successful career. The old saying, "It's not what you know--it's who you know," holds more truth than you might think. So think of networking as an investment, not a nuisance. Consider the fact that 80-90% of jobs are never advertised or placed with an agency. How do they get filled? Through networking.

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/// Networking FAQ

How do I approach a group that is in conversation? First, let's start with saying that you can always look for a Chamber Staff member of Ambassador and ask them to introduce you to a few people. But what if they are preoccupied with someone else at the time? You can approach a group of people if there are three of them and there is an opening in the group that you can step into. Most people understant that this is very awkward and they will be very accommodating when you join the group.

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/// Chamber participation

Chamber participation can come in many different ways depending on the time you have to allot to your membership. It's all about time. Did you realize that you can derive significant benefits from your membership in little or no time? In less than 2 hours, you can: Attend an orientation mixer, or luncheon to network; Join a referral group-meets two times a month; Attend an Economic Development event to get updated on what's happening in New Castle County; Attend a Business Education event.

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/// Positive networking tips

Practice Positive Networking. It's a brilliantly simple concept that takes all the pressure off that old-fashioned style of hard-sales networking. Networking is not all about you, it's discovering what you can do for someone else. Meet Ned (or Nelly). Ned is an Alota Networker and darter, meaning a person who takes your business card, looks at it, decides you aren't important enough to talk to and drops you like a hot potato. While talking to you, his eyes are darting around the room looking for his next victim. Ask him what he does and he gives you his 'infomercial'.

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