/// Meeting Room Rentals


New Castle County Chamber of Commerce Room Rental Options There are opportunities for members and non-members to host meetings at the Chamber.

• Payment is requested at least one week prior to the rental date. Payment may be made by check, credit card or cash.

• Tables and chairs are to be arranged by the member

• A list of caterers and restaurants that deliver can be provided to you. It is the member’s responsibility to order any food. All catering items (plates, napkins, cups, ice, etc.) must be provided by the member. The room must be cleaned up after use

• Please bring all necessary materials for your meeting including pens, paper, copies, etc. The use of the Chamber’s office supplies and equipment are not included in the room rental

• Please contact Barbara Weiss to rent a meeting room – 302-294-2068 or e-mail weissb@ncccc.com

/// Information

Riverfront Room $200 full day,
$100 half day
$400 full day,
$200 half day
20 - 25 seat conference room
Multi-Purpose Room $400 full day,
$200 half day
$800 full day,
$400 half day
20+ tables available for various setups
Approximately 75 Theater seats available & Approximately 55 Classroom seats available

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