Middle Market

Action team

The Middle Market Action Team brings together industry leaders to develop programs that meets the unique business growth needs of this market. This initiative also focuses on strengthening the collective voice of the mid market both by bringing attention to its activities and successes and ensuring its representation at the policy level.

Why the middle market?

• Nationwide, the revenue of the middle market companies is growing 7.2% annually (outpacing S&P 500 by 6 percentage points*)

• These companies represent 33% of total employment

•Traditionally middle market is an underserved segment of the economy

• Too small to realize benefits of scale associated with large companies

• Too large to receive many of the small business development benefits

Goal of the Middle Market Action Team
Building social capital amongst middle market executives to learn and share best practices.
Strengthening knowledge of financing opportunities at various stages of growth and how best to access the capital needed to support strategic growth planning.
Advocate at the local, state and federal levels to make it easier to do business in and around New Castle County.
Focus on increased proactive talent planning strategies and visibility of job opportunities within middle market organizations.
Positioning your business for success; Planning for the next generation of owners and managers well in advance usually leads to better operational, financial, and tax outcomes.
Managing and Sustaining the “Right Growth”
What stories are being told about your business?